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Tiffany's Cabaret

On March 12, 2015, a jury found Tiffany’s Cabaret responsible for shorting the pay of its dancers, forcing tip sharing and charging their dancers to perform in the club.

Bartender pouring drinks

FLSA Minimum Wage and Overtime Violations Alleged Bernal v. Vankar Enterprises, Inc.

Channel 8 Austin

Attorney Bob Debes in a featured news story on Channel 8 in Austin, Texas. Debes explains some of the common tip pooling or tip sharing pay practices that many restaurants violate and many waiters and bartenders do not know are actually unlawful.

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Luby's Cafeteria

Judge approves class-action status for waitstaff’s fight against tip pooling and sharing gratuities.

Starbucks Coffee sign

Case covered 356 assistant managers in an overtime wage dispute.

Satrbucks Coffee storefront

About 350 assistant managers for Starbucks will receive benefit.