Tip Pool Violations – Breakage, Walked Tabs, and Uniforms

Tip Pool Violations – Breakage/Walked Tabs/Uniforms

Many restaurants and bars charge their servers when a customer walks a tab, or when they break dishes and glasses. In fact, some restaurants charge a ‘breakage fee’ every shift – even when the server has not broken anything!

These types of deductions or charges are improper. A server is not required to pay for the employer’s cost of doing business. The result is that the employer forfeits the tip credit.

Similarly, it is illegal for an employer to charge its employees for uniforms the business requires its employees to wear. For instance, you should not have to pay for name tags, server books, logo shirts, logo aprons, logo caps, etc.

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What if my employer requires me to pay for glass breakage, walked tabs or makes other deductions to my pay?