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Bob Debes has been practicing law since 1989. He is committed to providing high quality, responsive legal service to people who have been injured or wronged.  For more than two decades Mr. Debes has been standing up for the rights of the individual and getting impressive results.

Whether you are owed overtime wages, have been the victim of tip pooling violations, charged excessive credit card processing fees, had to pay your employer for uniforms, or simply have a question about your employer’s pay practices, please contact Mr. Debes for a free telephone consultation.

Skilled Negotiator, Effective Litigator

Mr. Debes has developed a reputation as a skilled negotiators and effective trial lawyer. Mr. Debes thoroughly prepares every case and works hard to achieve maximum results. If a settlement cannot be reached, we will not hesitate to take your case to trial if that is the best way to achieve the desired result in your case.

Before starting his legal career in 1989, throughout college and law school Mr. Debes worked as a waiter in several restaurants. Doing so, he gained an appreciation for the hard work required of all workers in the service industry. He also experienced, first hand, the illegal pay practices committed by many restaurant/bar owners. As a result, Mr. Debes has committed his practice primarily to assist individuals in collecting wages they are owed as a result of improper and/or illegal pay practices, including tip pools and unpaid overtime.

Good communication is Mr. Debes’ guiding principle. He takes the time to communicate frequently and effectively with his clients. He helps to translate the confusing “legal speak” into understandable English and fully explains your legal issue and the steps we will take to resolve it.

“I know the importance of communication. I never forget that you have entrusted your case to me, and that is the ultimate honor.” Attorney Bob Debes

We find clients are typically more satisfied with the outcome of the legal situation when they understand and participate in the process.

If you have been injured or wronged, please contact an attorney at our Houston Law Firm for a free consultation today.